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BelBizNC was founded in 2017 by Dr. Hugo Uyttenhove. One of the purposes of the business and the website is to inform Belgian expats about consular news and events. During many gatherings where expats were present, diverse questions regarding (dual) citizenship, passports, visas and Belgian ID cards, have popped up. Via this website it is now possible to get quick answers and also be informed in a timely manner of changes to the regulations. We also address such items as requirements for absentee voting in Belgian elections through our monthly newsletter.

Most of the information found on this website is free, however you must register on this site to have access to this information.

For a nominal yearly subscription fee for our paid service, you receive our monthly newsletter and special alerts. These include regulations directly from Belgium. This fee also allows you to enter into a contract with us for special projects requiring research.

The second purpose of BelBizNC is to promote business between Belgium and the State of North Carolina with regard to setting up offices in both of these locations. Our newsletter offers information on new opportunities, Belgian and NC laws and incentives, as well as reports on businesses who have located to North Carolina from Belgium and vice versa.

Please note that the yearly fee provides the support needed to keep this website current with the most up to date information as soon as it becomes available. We encourage you to subscribe as a means of your support.

Stimulating Business


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