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Welcome to the BelBizNC website where you will find relevant information to do business in Belgium or, if you or your company has its roots in Belgium, to do business in the state of North Carolina.

Over 300 Belgian citizens live and work in North Carolina and are regularly confronted with directives of the Belgian government. Most expats still have their Belgian passport and a green card or a special visa. These documents expire and need regular attention in order to comply with the laws of both countries. You will find this information here. Links to consular and state offices are provided and clearly explain various scenarios and recommendations.

Setting up a business in Belgium is easy, but careful planning is necessary in order to be successful. Likewise, setting up a Belgian branch of a company in North Carolina will be guided by regulations and laws that differ from those in Belgium. The basic information needed and important links are provided on this website.

ALL services are FREE but if you want to be informed regularly, it is necessary to register on this website. Services include alerts and monthly newsletters of interest to businesses in both North Carolina and Belgium, and often will include information which expats are supposed to know. We are looking forward having you on our site. Should you have any questions, please click on Contact us at the top of any page.

This website is a result of the various questions I have received over the past 30 years - in North Carolina and Belgium - by companies and ex-pats alike. I have gathered a lot of information over the years and I have entered this on the website. I am glad to be able to help out those who have questions or need a direction to further pursue answers. I regard it as an honor to do this freely as a thank you to my country of origin and my adopted state and country.

Hugo J. Uyttenhove
Stimulating Business


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